The “Too Comfortable” Cocoon… and the caterpillar that almost missed out on new life as a butterfly

The “Too Comfortable” Cocoon
…. and the caterpillar that almost missed out on new life as a butterfly


There once was a caterpillar wrapped tight in his cocoon. God announced to the caterpillar that it was time to come out, but the caterpillar objected: “No, please, it’s much too soon!!”

The caterpillar grew comfortable with his life hidden in the confines of the cocoon. He feared that life outside was too uncertain. He wasn’t brave enough to venture into the unknown; the world could be so cruel. No, he thought, life is safer here…alone… inside of my cocoon. God gently whispered to the caterpillar once more, “Come out caterpillar, I want you to be free.” But the caterpillar stubbornly refused “No, please, I don’t want anyone to see the real me!”

After some time had passed, the caterpillar began to wonder if there was more to life than living hidden inside of a cocoon, but he felt frozen… stuck in this life he had chosen. The comfort of the cocoon was all he had ever known and truth be told, he was too scared to try anything new!

So the caterpillar continued the life he had become accustomed to, but the process began to get painful indeed. His body was feeling cramped, he longed to stretch out, and he was running out of room in which to grow. Although he was no longer so sure about what he needed, he clung tightly to the life he knew, and refused to let go.

During the course of the caterpillar’s struggle, a revelation came to him not a moment too soon: This life inside of my cocoon is really no life at all. Of all my fears, I’m most afraid to simply be me!

When once again he heard God’s call, the caterpillar put up no fight, no fight at all. “Here I am,” he said simply, “please show me the way.” At once, the cocoon broke away. And there, for all to enjoy, was a one-of-a-kind, beautiful butterfly emerging into the radiant light of day!

He felt alive… and tingled with new sensation! Behold, God had turned him into a new creation!

IMG_4100“When anyone is joined to Christ, he is a new being; the old has gone, the new has come.”

(2 Cor 5:17)

Inspired by the Nature of God

Indigo Bunting: Faith and God’s Abundance


Indigo Bunting
“No one can please God without faith, for whoever comes to God must have faith that God exists and rewards those who seek him.”

(Heb. 11:6)

Bursting with life and color, this Indigo Bunting transformed the dead leaves of my yard into a stage for God’s glory… reflecting the condition of my heart. With every God-given call or task comes the temptation to dismiss it due to our lack of abilities, current circumstance, or foolish pride. I’m convinced that one of the greatest obstacles to following God’s call is our own deceitful heart. One morning as I struggled with such inner feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, I humbly offered it to God in prayer asking for a reminder of HIS love, presence, and promise. And should our Creator be willing, I asked that His reminder come in the form of His created, specifically a Bunting. I knew I was asking a lot, certainly more than I deserve. But, I also knew that “nothing is too difficult for God” and He takes pleasure in “rewarding those who seek him.”(Jer. 32:26; Heb. 11:6 paraphrased) Although I embraced the day with faith and expectancy, no words can describe the unspeakable joy and humble awe of spotting this Indigo Bunting in my own backyard!

As I marveled over this one time visitor, I felt God teaching me a most extraordinary lesson. God doesn’t call us because of who we are or the abilities we have to offer. God calls us because of who he is and the life abundant he has planned for us in Jesus Christ. I could almost relate to Simon Peter when he was called to follow Jesus during his earthly ministry. After a long night of fishing with no results, Simon Peter is instructed by Jesus to push his boat out further in the deep water and let down his nets. Almost reluctantly (it seems), Simon Peter does as Jesus asks only to find himself with a boat so full of fish that he requires additional help to keep the boat from sinking! Upon recognizing the abundance Jesus has to offer, Simon Peter falls to his knees before him and cries, “Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man.” (Luke 5:4-11 paraphrased) God can and does use these moments when we are most keenly aware of our own poverty of spirit to awaken our souls to the infinite riches he has for us in Christ.

As if in answer to an invisible call, I watched as the Indigo Bunting departed from the comfort of my backyard in pursuit of the great unknown. Likewise, we are left with a choice in how to respond to God’s call. We can remain in the current circumstance/condition in which we find ourselves… or we can choose to leave behind what we think we know and move forward in faith that “God exists and rewards those who seek him.” (Heb 11:6)

Inspired by the nature of God